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BA course is the best option for future. You can get your degree from this university and get a job in any field. The fees of this university are very low compared to other universities. You can get admission easily in this university if you have good marks in your class 12th exams or higher secondary exam results then you will be eligible for applying for BA course Admission Test 2013 at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (BITS)

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Ba course University

  • [Top BA course university in world]
  • [Best BA course university in world]

The list of top BA course universities in the world is given below:

Ba course fees

The fees structure is different for every university and branch of BA course. The fee structure may also vary among the different branches of BA course. For example, in some universities, the tuition fees are charged on a yearly basis whereas in other universities it is charged on a per semester basis.

Moreover, there are other types of fees such as hostel fees and other miscellaneous charges that you have to pay while applying for admission into any college/university.

Syllabus of ba course

The syllabus of BA course is the list of subjects that will be studied during the period. It includes basic and advanced topics such as English, Hindi, Economics, History etc. The syllabus for each subject can be downloaded from official website of university or from website of department concerned.

The detailed course structure with reference to future papers/exams can also be obtained from school websites or departments concerned (e-mail Ids).

ba course syllabus in pdf

The syllabus of BA course in English and Hindi.

Previous years’ syllabus can be downloaded from the below link:

Ba course is the best option for future.

The best option for future is BA.

Ba course is the best option for future.


Ba course is the best option for future.

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